The SWAT Team, sometimes known as the Police or 707, is a faction in District 187. The SWAT Team is equipped with strong body armour and sport hairstyles resembling those of fictional cops, such as Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice.

The SWAT Team is in a war against the Gangsters , not only because they are breaking the law but also for dominance over the streets. The SWAT Team has been described as "rouge vigilantes" and have been witnessed wipeing out the gangsters in cold blood, which may or may not mean that they are actual police but civillians who had had enough of the gangsters. The SWAT Team also have high quality equipment, such as combat headsets and smoke visors (as seen in the trailer).

In actual gameplay, the SWAT Team possesses the same weapons and equipment as the Gangsters and have a team colour of Blue.